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Carphone Warehouse, UK: Buy Smart Phones for Less, Direct from Carphone Warehouse

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What is Lifeline? Carphone Wharehouse Lifeline offers tailor-made cover aimed specifically at protecting your phone from most major eventualities (such as theft, loss and damage). Carphone Wharehouse also cover unauthorised calls and third party accidents, which many mobile phone policies do not.

All claims are handled in-house by a dedicated Carphone Wharehouse team - Lifeline Support. Carphone Wharehouse Lifeline policy replaces over 9000 mobile phones every month. As Carphone Wharehouse handle claims in-house, they can offer the same excellent standard of customer service that you would expect to receive from any other contact with Carphone Wharehouse.

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Carphone Wharehouse Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality brand-names at low, low prices!
  • Buy convenient, easy-to-use Nokia handsfree devices, TDK Systems' Bluetooth PC Card, giving you wire free connectivity on the move, the exciting new Bluetooth headset from Motorola and more - Carphone Wharehouse has a huge range.
  • Pay Monthly, Contract, Pay As You Go, Pay As You Go Sim Cards, Handset Only/Sim Free …
  • Carphone Wharehouse provides mobile entertainment products and in-car solutions too
  • O2, T-mobile, Orange, Fresh, Virgin Mobile … at Carphone Wharehouse you'll find the best services at the best price, and lots of mobile phone accessories to choose from as well.
  • Hands-free phone kits and a clip-ons, or magnetic, in-car holder in which to store your phone whilst driving
  • The Mobile phone insurance service from Carphone Wharehouse UK will provide ample peace of mind
  • Carphone Wharehouse UK feature some of the best prices available - buying a mobile phone from Carphone Wharehouse is money wisely spent!

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